Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who says you can't be in your 40's & Sexy???

My sisters, my Mom and I went on our annual shopping trip this past weekend. Angie decided we needed to have some fun before we did any serious shopping, so we hit the Juniors department at Macy's and grabbed some dresses. I mean really, neon blue and cheetah print....does anyone really think that looks good together?? Maybe they made it just for us! We had a blast. I'm sure people thought we were nuts!!! Later that evening we went to the theatre for the live production of Oliver. It was a really great show. The good news is that I am over halfway done with my shopping and I had a Blast doing it :) It was good to get away for a couple of days, but now back to reality, work, homework, chauffeur.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Very Cold Soccer Weekend

Victoria participated in her last outdoor soccer tournament of the season. I normally love watching them play, but this weekend was another story. It was COLD...I mean chill you do the bones cold, tense every muscle in your body until you hurt from head to toe. It was low 40's, thick black clouds, rain/sleet/wet snow with wind chills in the 30's. I was so cold this weekend I only took about 15 pictures and only at the first game. I was so happy, as was my daughter, that they lost and only had to play one game on Sunday. Luckily, this coming weekend we start indoor soccer and basketball....can't wait to sit indoors and watch :)