Monday, October 19, 2009

Sports, Sports, Sports!!

This past weekend was filled with more sports :) Alex had his final football game, Maddy played in her final soccer game & Victoria had 2 soccer games (the third was postponed). Here a some pictures from the weekend. You can see from Maddy's pictures, Saturday morning was cold!!


Two weekends ago, Maddy & Dad won 1st place in tournament :)

Two weekends ago, game in the mud pit in Mentor!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Midfest Tournament Layout

Here is a layout I put together of last weekend's tournament pictures. The sketch is from the October sketch for Scrapbook News & Review Magazine. It was an easy sketch to use and the layout came together quickly, which is a real plus these days.

Not much new this weekend. Victoria played two games on Saturday in the State league. They blew away the first team 8-1 and played possession for many minutes. The second game of the day, they ended in a tie. Victoria says they didn't play well and the coach was not happy with the defense for letting in the goals. On the up side, she says she played well both games, which is rare to hear her say. They can still win the league, based on goal differential if they play well the next couple of weekends.

Alex had a football game on Saturday, but unfortunately they lost :( He had a really good tackle behind the line a scrimmage which forced them to punt. Unfortunately, we had an interception & fumble which led to 2 scores by the other team and the loss of the game.