Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SSM Design Team Work

Here are my latest projects for the SSM design team. I am still working on the mini school books (3x3) and need to decorate the box that they fit into, but hoping to finish that up later today. Since my kiddos aren't that old, the bottom six books are empty. They were harder to do that I thought, because you can't use anything but paper, stickers & rub-ons or they don't close. Hope you like them. Okay, back to work :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wonderful Weekend & Toot Toot

Victoria and I spent the weekend in Hudson, OH at her first travel soccer tournament. We went up on Friday night, so Mom could spend the night by herself while Victoria ran with her friends... Is she that old already? The good news: her team won all 4 games, outscored their opponents 24-2, she scored her first goal of the season, got a trophy....and best of all, she has finally gotten her confidence to play her game. Her coach even commented on the change in her game. The final game was actually against the Findlay B team so Findlay took 1st & 2nd place. The picture was her shooting in her goal. Very proud :)

Toot Toot....Once we got home, I signed onto my email and found out that magazine wants 4 of my SSM layouts and 1 SSM card to be published in their June and July issues. Doin' the happy dance :) I almost missed the call and was submitting layouts on Friday right before I headed out of town. So all in all, even though I look like a lobster, forgot to pack the suncream, I had a fabulous weekend and hope you all did too :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Never Enough Time

Another week has flown by again...the good news, the weather has been wonderful :) Of course, that is suppose to change this weekend, just in time for soccer. Tomorrow, Victoria and I are heading off to her tournament. I thought it would be a good time to bond, but she is bringing a teammate along with us. Oh well, just me and the "girls". We're hoping to stop and shop on our way to the hotel, taking the GPS along, so chances are good we'll find something. Of course, I'm thinking scrapbook store and they are thinking clothes.

I've been struggling a bit to get projects done this week. I know what I want to do, but just don't seem to be into scrapbooking this week. I did these two cards a couple of weeks ago for SSM and can't decide if they're "done" or not. I guess I just need to move on :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Full Swing Soccer

Wow another week has flown by again. We are now into soccer full swing. We have 6 practices during the week and 6 games this weekend. Madalyn had a great game today and scored two goals :) I haven't been able to see Alex play yet, as his games have been at the same time as Maddie's, but Mark said he played great today. He has been playing defense the whole game, so not much opportunity to score. Victoria is just getting her feet wet with travel soccer. She is still a little timid....I know she is just as good as the other girls, she just needs to believe herself. She did much better today over last weekend. Hopefully, tomorrow she will play like I know she can. Need to get a good picture of her to finish up my latest project for Scrappin Sports. I went "out of the box" on this project, so I can't wait to get it finished and posted.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Head Up in the Clouds

I got the best news today. I am going to have 3 layouts in the 3rd Quarter issue of Stamping, Stationery & Scrapbooking Magazine. They had over 500 submissions for the issue, so I'm beaming from ear to ear. They are all layouts done with the amazing new releases from Scrappin' Sports & More. I am so blessed to be working for them.

Friday, April 11, 2008

First Layout Since Vacation

I found just the inspiration I needed today to create my first layout since arriving home from vacation. I found this great sketch at sketchabilities. The pictures are of Madalyn & Grandma Shand playing dress up 4 years ago. I really wish they lived closer. It's hard on everyone only getting to see them every other year. Grandma is so good about playing for hours and hours....the kids enjoy it so much. Hope you like the sketch.

Playing Catch Up

Burghley House
Victorian Swing with Alex...his favorite ride
Really neat man was carving us a wooden wine glass.

Jousting Tournament at Royal Armouries

Belvoir Castle

I can't believe that we have been home for 5 days now. I did get caught up on laundry, but that is all I can say. When we got home Sunday at 7, after traveling for 17 hours, we had a message that Mark was suppose to be the coach for Alex's team....first game, Saturday. So, we scrambled to get all the parents called on Monday, once we were given a practice time and place. They only got one practice in, so tomorrow's game should be interesting! It's been really warm, most of the week, today it is going to be 71, but rain. Tomorrow, however, a whoppin 43 for the high. Those 9:00 games are going to be cold and wet, tis the way for Spring Soccer. Victoria is excited, as she has her first travel soccer game tomorrow. She missed the first two practices, but hopefully they will play her.

For those asking about our trip....some highlights of what we did/saw:
Belvoir Castle: Beautiful house, still occupied today by the family, we saw the little ones running around the house during the tour.
Lincoln Cathedral: Beautiful stained glass, amazing choir area, LOVE walking around
Woolsthrope Manor: House of Sir Isaac Newton, famous apple tree is still standing
Royal Armouries: Alex was in heaven, we saw the final in the jousting tournament..Fabulous
Ironbridge-Blists Hill Victorian Town: One of the favorites for the kids. You first visit the bank to exhange money for Victorian Money, then you visit all the shops, including the candy shop. They also had Victorian rides and games. We had our picture taken in Victorian clothes..FUN
Burghley House: Beautiful Stately Home
Tales of Robinhood: dissappointing, they need to put more money into this
Shugborough Estate: working farm & visit to house & gardens, not my favorite, but okay
Derby Soccer Game: Highlight for Victoria
Heanor Antique Mall: Highlight for Mom :)
We had a wonderful trip. Maddie's highlights centered around her cousin Natalie. The two of them had a blast. Too bad they don't live closer together.