Friday, September 26, 2008

Fieldtrip to the Little Red Schoolhouse

This trip is one of the biggest highlights of Third Grade. They used to have to wait until April or May to go, but the past couple of years they moved the field trip to September. Madalyn was so excited. Doesn't she look like she would fit right in on Little House on the Prairie? The outfit was made by my mom 4 years ago when Victoria went. They have to pack lunch based on what they would have eaten back then, wrap everything in waxed paper and drink from mason jars. It is such a great trip.

Monday, September 22, 2008

An altered item & more sports photos :)

Victoria had a great run on Saturday morning, coming in 16th in the 7th & 8th girls grade 2-mile run and 2nd for St. Michaels School. We don't have her official time, but we know she was in the 13 minute time frame. Her team also played their best soccer game Saturday. They totally dominated the first half with at least 20 shots on goal and would you believe, not one went in. We ended in a 2-2 tie, but I was extremely proud of the team. Victoria played 60 of the 70 minute game, which is good since the high school girls coach was watching the entire game. Maddie's team did great this weekend too. They had their first win Saturday, over a team we haven't beat in the past two years. (I really love that we beat them because they have an obnoxious coach who yells all the time. Nothing worse that a woman screaming on the sideline) She scored her first goal of the season too. I saw her score, but no picture :( Sunday Maddie's team ended in a 5-5 tie, but I missed the game because Alex was playing at the same time. Mark said they all played great. His team won their football game on Sunday, so it was a great sports weekend.

On the scrappin' side, I finished up an altered wooden star ornament for Victoria's room. It is about 7" tall. I wasn't sure I was liking it at first, but I like how it came together in the end.

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Soccer, What Else!!!

I spent last weekend and Tuesday night watching Victoria play soccer. Tournament was good, with all the teams being nearly equal. Well, all but one. There was a nasty team there from St. Louis. The girls held onto jerseys, arms, whatever they could....did body slams to our players, cussed up a storm, calling our girls nasty names....and where were the refs???? Good question....very lacking with the calls. In the game were we played this team, we had 2 girls end up with buckle fractures of their wrists. Now they are both playing with casts on for the next 6 weeks. As bad as that was, it didn't compare to the last game on Sunday. That is when hurricane Ike made his way through Cincinnati. The officials made the girls play the first 10 minutes of the game, even though trees had fallen around the park, the porta potties were blown over, the trash cans blew over spewing trash through the air and across the field. They could hardly open their eyes for the through ins, of which there were many since the wind just blew the ball off the field. On the way home, they were saying we were experiencing 60+ mph winds. Crazy I tell you! They finished the game with a penalty shoot out. The ref had to kneel beside the ball to try and block the wind. As soon as it would die down a little he would lean back, blow the whistle and make the girl kick the ball. What a lot of pressure for 12 year old girls.

On Tuesday, we played Perrysburg, who we had just beat 2-0 in tournament. Well, with one player out due to injury, one getting hurt during the game, 4 players coming directly from either cross country or volleyball, we didn't do so well. We ended up loosing 4-0.

On another note, Madalyn has become obsessed with dogs. She was at the neighbors house 4 times today, so she could walk their dog, Snickers. Sorry, Maddie, no dogs in our house anytime soon, just too busy!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Games

Hey...put your arm down

Alex was double teamed by really short guys.....
Tackle and fumble...WooHoo great job Alex :)
And he was also double teamed by some really big boys...that's awfully close to a face mask!
Getting around those big boys....

Today Maddie had her second soccer game. Unfortunately, they got beat bad. I lost count how bad. Anyway, I was able to come see so I got a few pictures :) Next it was off to the football field for Alex's game. They had a better outcome scoring 3 times to none. We can't really call them official touchdowns yet, since they don't play on a full size field and don't officially keep score. The other team had really, really big kids and really short ones. Alex is the second tallest on his team and they had a couple of boys nearly a head taller than him. He had an excellent tackle early on in the game, causing the boy to fumble the ball. So his team is now "un"officially 2-0 for the season.

Today I finished up one more school layout. I almost forgot I was doing the first day for all 3 at the same grade level. It's one of those layouts, that I don't really like at all, but at least I can say it's done.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

And the Season's Begin

Victoria's corner Kick

After the first mile....
Coming down the home stretch of the second mile....
Feeling the pain......

Today, Victoria and I started off at 7:30 so we would be in BG by 8:00 for the first Cross Country meet. She ran really well for her first race...2 miles in 14 1/2 minutes through fairly rough terrain. Lots of dips, apples down, etc...etc... She wasn't able to get to the inside of the pack until after the first couple of turns, so I think that hurt her time a little, but she came in 19th with about 100 girls running. She also had a disadvantage starting in the second row.
Soccer was going great for Victoria today. She played an excellent game today. Unfortunately, even though they led almost the entire game, we had a penalty with under 2 minutes to play and the other team scored to tie it 1-1. I missed Maddie's game today, but will get to see her play tomorrow :)
Above is Maddie's first day of school layout. She loves polka dots, so I had to use the green polka dot paper. I popped off the third grade stickers to add more dimension.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Check Out Scrap Street Magazine

The September issue of ScrapStreet Magazine is on-line and is featuring Scrappin' Sports & More. The ladies at the Magazine did a wonderful job with the product. I almost forgot that I have a layout in the magazine too :) Thanks Jennifer!! If you want to take a peak here is the link.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Down....

I finished up Alex's first day of school layout this past weekend. I was hoping to work on Maddie's too, but between 3 parties, 2 football games, a little bit of shopping and plenty of house cleaning, the weekend flew by. Alex had his first Football Game this weekend, it was plenty hot again, upper 80's, no shade. They were out in it for 2 1/2 hours. The game lasted 1 1/2 hours, a bit too long if you ask me :) I even got some physical activity in a spirited game of kick ball at the neighbors party. Nothing like feeling out of breath running around a few easy did I feel old!!! Hope you all had a great weekend. Gonna go start Maddie's layout...stayed tuned.