Monday, October 19, 2009

Sports, Sports, Sports!!

This past weekend was filled with more sports :) Alex had his final football game, Maddy played in her final soccer game & Victoria had 2 soccer games (the third was postponed). Here a some pictures from the weekend. You can see from Maddy's pictures, Saturday morning was cold!!


Two weekends ago, Maddy & Dad won 1st place in tournament :)

Two weekends ago, game in the mud pit in Mentor!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Midfest Tournament Layout

Here is a layout I put together of last weekend's tournament pictures. The sketch is from the October sketch for Scrapbook News & Review Magazine. It was an easy sketch to use and the layout came together quickly, which is a real plus these days.

Not much new this weekend. Victoria played two games on Saturday in the State league. They blew away the first team 8-1 and played possession for many minutes. The second game of the day, they ended in a tie. Victoria says they didn't play well and the coach was not happy with the defense for letting in the goals. On the up side, she says she played well both games, which is rare to hear her say. They can still win the league, based on goal differential if they play well the next couple of weekends.

Alex had a football game on Saturday, but unfortunately they lost :( He had a really good tackle behind the line a scrimmage which forced them to punt. Unfortunately, we had an interception & fumble which led to 2 scores by the other team and the loss of the game.

Monday, September 28, 2009

We are the Champions!!

I spent the weekend with Victoria at the Midfest tournament. They ended the tournament 3-1, with the Championship Trophies!! Two of the teams we played were not good at all. In the second game, we were already up 5 goals early in the first half. The coach let the girls all switch up positions during the second half. Our defenders were on offense & mid, offense was back in defense and our goalie was even playing offense. We ended up winning 8-1. They did score one goal when our goalie was on offense. It was fun to watch them laugh and have a good time. We almost didn't win the final game. We were down 2 goals, with not a lot of time left. The first goal the other team scored was called offsides by the linesman, but the center ref choose to ignore the call. He said, "I have the whistle." I give the girls a lot of credit because they never stopped tying. We tied the game up with only a couple minutes left. We then put two more goals in during overtime to win 4-2.

Maddy's team lost on Saturday, but won on Sunday. Alex's football team won Sunday too! Of course no pictures, since I had the camera. I'm going to Alex's game this weekend and Mark gets to drive to Cleveland & Akron for Victoria's games.

Here are some pictures from the game :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Layout

I had the day off today, so I was able to scrap a little. This was a very simple layout based off another sketch from Scrapbooks Etc. make it yours challenge. Pictures of Maddy with my nephews puppy, who is extremely shy. She never makes a peep and hides a lot, but she did come out to see Maddy. Maddy was saying goodbye as Kyle was leaving soon to take the dog home.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Layout Done....Finally

I have been struggling lately to get any scrappin' done. It seems by the time I finally sit down at night, I am too tired to get anything done. Here is a layout I did for the Make it Yours challenge at Scrapbooks Etc. The pictures are from this summer & Victoria's first time water skiing.

On another note, Victoria came in first again at this weeks Cross Country meet. There was a school this Saturday that did not run in the last meet. They had a good runner. Victoria let her take the lead and stayed right behind her the first part of the race. Early in the 2nd mile, Victoria went in front, but the girl sprinted to get the lead. Victoria decided to let her keep the lead until the last hill, which is shortly before the finish. When Victoria was in the final sprint to the finish, she was once again, all by herself. The times were much slower this week with 2 hills & going through the sand twice & a lot more wind, but she still finished at 13:25. She doesn't get to run CYO again, until the final meet. Hopefully, she can come back to win :)
Coming in all by herself :)

Final sprint to the finish.

Maddy's team did well on Saturday with a 5-0 win. I was able to see a little of the first half and all the second half of the game. Victoria & I came straight from Cross Country in Oregon. She played really well on defense and had to cover for another player who is not too strong. The other team parents would get really excited thinking they were going to score & then Maddy would come across and clear out the ball. Here are a couple of photos :)

The final game of the weekend was Alex's football game today. We were there for 4 hours!! He has to arrive 1 hour before the game and unfortunately the game before his went into triple overtime, which caused us to start about 45 minutes late. They played really well in the first half and then had a couple of plays in the second half that gave some scoring opportunities to the other team. Alex did have a fumble recovery, which set up their second score of the game. He played all of the third & fourth quarters except for a couple of plays. He is one tired boy tonight. Here are a couple of photos from today's game.

Fumble recovery. Yes, he did fall on it, but I didn't get the picture :(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Pictures from Sunday's Games

This Sunday, Alex played in his third football game for the Browns. It was the first game that they had a pass to the tight end. He was nervous before the game and not too confident he could catch the ball. The first pass he couldn't quite hold onto, but the second one he caught for a first & goal!! I think he was pretty pleased that I got a picture too :)

Maddy also had another game on Sunday. It wasn't the 14-2 win they enjoyed on Sunday, but they did play hard. They ended up loosing 5-2, but Maddy played well. Here are a couple of pictures from the game.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Place!!!

Victoria had her first CYO Cross Country meet on Saturday morning and not only did she improve her time over two weeks ago by nearly 30 seconds, she came in First Place for Jr. High Girls!!! Her coaches told her to stay behind a couple of girls, who they thought would be the best. She did for the first mile, then overtook them at the start of the second mile. They were right behind her for the first part of the second mile and then she steadily increased her lead. I was waiting by the finish line when someone asked, "Is that the turtle or is that the first runner?" I turned around to see Victoria all by herself with a couple hundred yards to go. I said, "That's the first place runner and that's my daughter!!!" What a great feeling to see your daughter coming in first with no other runners in sight!! (Not that I'm not proud when she doesn't come in first :) Anyway, her file mile was 6:29 and her second was 6:15, for a total of 12:44!! I don't think the coaches are going to tell her to hang back next week!! Just run your race Victoria!!! So proud of you :)

The final sprint to the finish line!!
Rounding the final corner in the race!!

First Place Medal!!
Also, big congrats to Victoria for being voted Vice President for Student Council. She was running against two other girls, so I am again proud of her accomplishment.

On another note, Madalyn had her first soccer game of the season yesterday too. Unfortunately, it was at the exact same time as Victoria's race, so I don't have any pictures. Mark is coaching again this year, so I can only go when the others don't conflict. The good news is they won 14-2!! She plays again today and I will be able to see most of the game. She is not too happy that Dad is putting her in goal to start the game, but I have confidence in her!! First, I have to drop Alex off to warm up for his football game, which starts around the same time Maddy should be ending. Hopefully, we can bring home a couple more wins. It's a beautiful day, so that always helps.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Page Maps Contest

I love sketches and this one from Page Maps is no exception. It was a perfect start for a tribute to my Grandmother. We are celebrating her memorial mass on Sunday, so the timing of my layout worked out perfectly. She was such an amazing lady and I am very fortunate to have had so many years with her. She is dearly missed, but I know she is now joined in heaven with her husband and they are once again happy together :)

Here is the sketch:

Here is my take on the sketch.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Design for Prism

My last layout for Prism is up on the website :) Here is a little sneak peak. It's a layout dedicated to my Dad & the work he did many years ago for the Apollo space missions. I just recently found out about it, or maybe I was told when younger & just forgot, but he was kind enough to do some journaling for me to complete this page. I love it when you can really capture a story that might have been lost forever.

On another note, Victoria had her first soccer tournament of the season. It's a new team that was formed by taking the most dedicated players from 2 teams and combining the players to make a select team. She is playing mainly tournaments & in the State B league, so the competition is harder than what they have faced in the past. The good news....Champions!!! They won 2 games & tied 2 games, but that was enough. They played the same team twice on Sunday. The first time we played them, it was a 2-2 tie. Their coach told them if they play their game they should beat this team 4-0, well the final game we won 3-0, so he was right on target. They were actually playing in a U14/U15 age bracket with half U13 & half U14 players, so I would say they did great. I can't wait to see how they grow as a team the next couple of months. Some of the girls saw the spray paint in the tent at the beginning of the tournament & their coach agreed if they won they could spray paint his hair, so yes they all have purple hair!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Another 2-page layout

Well, I've been on a roll lately creating two-page spreads. Here is one I created of Victoria's 13th birthday with her friends. The paper is from the new family line of Scrappin' Sports & More.

This weekend Victoria participated in her first Cross Country meet of the season. It wasn't the regular CYO meet, but one against other middle schools. Victoria came in 6th overall, with a 2-mile time of 13:13. It was her new personal best and she came in 1st for St. Michael's. She was very happy with her time as her goal was to run under 14 minutes. Now she would like to try to get down to 13 even. Here's a picture a her coming down the shoot to the finish line. You can see the muscle in her leg!!

On Sunday, our day was filled with football and soccer. Alex got to play on the High School Field, so that was really cool. The Browns lost in triple overtime to the Bengals :( However, Alex did play well and here is a picture of him making a tackle for a loss of yards. He is playing tight-end this year and I think he likes it better. Tonight at practice they were learning a new pass play which would go to the tight end. He was never allowed to carry the ball before, so I think he is pretty excited.

I videotaped soccer, so no pictures of that game. They didn't play the best either and lost 2-1.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prism Cardstock Giveaway Winner

And the winner is #8.

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I couldn't get the box to copy over, but you get the idea.

Congratulations Peggy!!! You can check out the selections at Prism Paper website. Now the hard part, just picking out one Prismatic Pack & one Accent Pack. Congrats again :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Sunday!!

Today was a good Sunday. It was nice not to be running from one event to the next. Alex had his first Football game of the season, which they won, 16-0. Yes, even though he is on the Browns team, they won a football game. LOL No pictures though as Victoria's soccer scrimmage was at the same time, so I was with her. I actually only took a couple of pictures today and only one really turned out at all. They played well until the last 5 minutes of the game and then gave up 3 goals!! Not sure what happened. But, early in the game they were passing really well. The coach only wants one touch on the ball and then you pass to the open person, so it's a very fast paced game. I think they could have a good team as they learn and improve on this new way to play. Here is the only decent picture I got today.

I was able to complete a layout from Alex's 11 Birthday this weekend too. I actually did another 2-page spread!! It's pretty simple, but I still like how it turned out. Sorry it's so small, the stitching software made it into a really small file and I can't figure out how to make it bigger.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So much to share!!

I almost forgot to post my Prism layout today. I was to busy getting ready for the first day of school!! So, this months theme is texture. We were asked to add texture by using punches, die cuts, tearing, distressing, etc. I choose to use layered punches, a texturizing plate & die cuts. Here is a little glimpse of my project, but to see the entire layout you need to pop on over to the Prism Blog. Speaking of Prism, don't forget about the giveaway. Leave me a message that tells me what you like best about the blog and you could find some wonderful cardstock in the mail!!

Also on the scrappin' note...I finished this layout yesterday of Victoria running in her first 5K. She did Amazing!! There were 524 finishers. Victoria's overall place was 76 and she finished 2nd out of 52 in the Female 14 and under age group. Her time of 22:13 gave her a pace of 7:10 per mile. So's the layout I made using the new lines from Scrappin Sports & More.

Last but not least....the first day of school photos. Yes, same green & white shirts! Next year...Victoria will get to wear "street" clothes. Gasp!! LOL